Friday, May 2, 2008

Static Testing: Static testing normally refers to testing something that is not running. i.e.examining and reviewing it basically involves reviewing the specification documents.The various type of static testing methods are reviews,walkthroughs,peer review etc.
Dynamic Testing: Dynamic testing means running and executing the software.It basically invloves the validation by checking the output by giving a specific set of inputs.
Unit Testing: Unit tesing means testing the individual part of a software.unit is considered as a smallest part of a softwate that can be tested.this is done by the developers.
Integration Testing: Integration testing means testing the intearction between two or more modules.when the output of one module is an input for the other module then integration testing is done so as to check whether they interacts correctly or not.
System Testing: System testing means testing the system as whole.This involves all the functional and non functional requirements.This basically falls within black box testing.This is considered as the most importanty phase of testing.