Saturday, April 26, 2008

certifications in software testing

There are various certification programs available for the software testing professional. Basically for software testing there are two ypes of certification programmes.some certification are based on the subject knowledge you should maintain the test process and test you ab0ut different testing terms.and ohter are tool based knowledge certification.some of the important testing certifications are:
1)Certifications from International Software Testing Qualification Board, ISTQB
This certification basically involves two levels:Foundation level and Advanced level.Advance level is further divided into Technical Tester,Functional Tester,Test Manager .
2)Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE)
3)CSTP (Certified Software Test Professional) and CTM (Certified Test Manager):
This certification program is conducted by International Institute for Software Testing, IIST
Tool based certification:
Tools based certification are Mercury/HP product specialist exam and IBM Rational robot,RFT,RPT etc.Basically certification on these tools show that you have got enough expertise in these tools.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Automation Testing Tools

A very large number of automation tools are available for automation testing like mercury/HP tools and IBM rational tools.Quick test Proffesional(QTP) ,winrunner ,rational functional tester are some very good functional testing tools while Loadrunner can be used for performance testing.Although all the tools have their different scripting language but one thing that is common in all these tools is that all of them are based on playback technology.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Types of Testing

Normally testing is divided into two types:
1)Manual Testing:Testing is done manually by the people.
2)Automation Testing:Testing is done with the help of some automation tools.
Well normally testing takes a lot of manual effort as it is not possible to cover all the testing by automation tools.So a user should have good analytical skills so as to know what to test and how to test in minimum possible time.But when we need to do some testing on different set of test data then its better to use some automation tools.automation tools are based on the record and playback funda that helps a lot in the regression testing.


Software Testing :Testing is a procedure to find the completeness,correctness,and quality of the developed software.Testing is a process of executing a software with the intent of finding the bugs.Testing is the one of the essential part of software life cycle.Normally People think that testing is not a challenging job,but in the current comptetive market looking at the risk associated with products ,software testing plays very important role.Sometimes Companies have to suffer a lot of losses because of the lack of proper testing.