Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Software Testing :Testing is a procedure to find the completeness,correctness,and quality of the developed software.Testing is a process of executing a software with the intent of finding the bugs.Testing is the one of the essential part of software life cycle.Normally People think that testing is not a challenging job,but in the current comptetive market looking at the risk associated with products ,software testing plays very important role.Sometimes Companies have to suffer a lot of losses because of the lack of proper testing.


Ankit said...

hey vishnu

i tried the sample questions you gave and was able to get 95% right in first go you sure that the questions asked in the exam are at the same par as the ones mentioned in your blog

please mail me at saxena.ankit123@gmail.com

Software testing training  said...

Nice definition. Humans are prone to errors so it is the testing process that helps to uncover those errors and makes the software error free.

Lorean Buchholt said...

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